Spirit on the Water

who we are

Spirit on the Water is dedicated to the practice and rituals that remind us to be playful, to connect to one another, to dive deep into our spiritual practice, and to love, yes most of all, to love.

Our retreat center grew out of a desire to create a safe place for people to do their personal work. A visiting Shaman from the Amazon in Ecuador once declared that we are built on a vortex, which prompted us to expand even more so that we can contribute to your expansion.

We believe that perfection is overrated. We do our best, we live with mother nature and all the joys that come with that, and we work together to help make a difference for each other. We are Team Spirit. How can we help you get what you want?

Spirit on the water

The enchanting magic about Spirit on the Water, sitting 100 feet above the Caribbean, is how seamlessly it blends into the ocean below. The infinity edge pool becomes one with the waves that extend to the jagged edges of the British Virgin Islands in the far distance. Along the way are small islands, scattered everywhere, adding breathtaking drama to the ocean’s architecture. We’ll be here to welcome you as you melt away the tropical heat under the shade of palm trees growing up through our deck. You will soon to discover that there’s much more to Spirit on the Water than meets the eye!

There are three stand-alone properties that make up Spirit on the Water: The Main Villa Wing, The Vision, and The Treehouse

Depending on your package, you will have access to the infinity pool, and all of the event spaces, common areas, and kitchens on site.  Each individual bedroom is carefully placed on the property to provide for the best views and connection with nature.

Spirit on the Water in its totality sleeps 22 guests in 18 beds in 7 bedrooms and 1 studio apartment.  (Additional sleeping in Community Space)


Our Mission and vision

Our Mission is to provide a safe space for people to connect to Source, Self, and Essential Knowledge through yoga and other heart-centered retreats.

Our Vision is to unite a worldwide community of people helping each other transform and expand through yoga, nutrition, sacred ceremonies and creative expression.

The sense of peace that you can almost touch when you enter the space was like nothing I had ever experienced. It took awhile for me to settle into this new feeling and as the days past I found that the way I was looking at the world was changing.
— Gary K.