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Find Home in Your Heart

Spirit on the Water is dedicated to the practice and rituals that remind us to be playful, to connect to one another, to dive deep into our spiritual practice, and to love, yes most of all, to love.

Our retreat center grew out of a desire to create a safe place for people to do their personal work and for families and communities to BE together.  A visiting Shaman from the Amazon in Ecuador once declared that we are built on a vortex, which prompted us to expand even more so that we can contribute to your expansion.

We believe that perfect is overrated. We do our best, we live with mother nature and all the joys that come with that, and we work together to help make a difference for each other.  We are Team Spirit. How can we help you get what you want?


We are the only Yoga Retreat Center in the Virgin Islands


Our Mission is to provide a safe space for people to connect to Source, Self, and Essential Knowledge through yoga and other heart centered retreats.

Our Vision is to unite a worldwide community of people helping each other transform and expand through yoga, nutrition, sacred ceremonies and creative expression.


Yoga Retreat

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Spirit on the Water is proud to welcome and host our friends around the yoga planet – we love sharing this incredible environment so hosts and students can deepen their practice in partnership with a deeply connected community. Our completely private, safe, and breathtaking Caribbean property provides the perfect venue for both world-class teachers and devoted students to expand and enhance their practice in the only yoga retreat center in the US and British Virgin Islands.

It is our privilege to share this rich, beautiful, inviting space for the spiritual, emotional, and physical work that is yoga at its best, supporting the intentional transformation of our planet. We get that you’re here to generate something magnificent and momentous for your people, and we are here to provide the environment for that to happen.

We are committed to your success. We will list your retreat on our website and across all of our social media platforms as well as share the event with our mailing list. We can help with booking day excursions, transportation and connect you to caterers if needed for your event. Optimum Group Size: 12-18

Get started on an incredible journey to the center of being.


Spirit on the Water, Saint Thomas, 00802, USVI