Welcome Home

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Welcome Home.

Feeling home is much more than a physical space. Here at Spirit on the Water, our loving care helps you return to the home in your heart. Whether you’re looking to propel your self-development, heal physical or emotional pain, or gain new insight and freedom, Spirit on the Water looks forward to welcoming you.

Yes, our home is a stunning place for any adventurous traveler looking to rest his or her head. However, we also provide the space and the tools for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world: to explore, to create, and to reflect.

We take our spiritual cues from some indigenous cultures where life depends upon community, and community depends on ritual. At Spirit on the Water we create a safe space for you to unfold, connect, and engage in what really matters.

“Ritual spaces are created to bring us into a supportive, community-based environment so that we can remember how to be and trust our heart’s awareness as well as our inner guidance. Experiential ritual spaces have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures to create meaning in one’s life and explore the narrative of being. By doing this in a supportive community we also create a sense of belonging and of being at home within ourselves.”
Come home… to Spirit on the Water.
Spirit on the Water is located on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.