Spirit Personnel




Boo (aka: Boo Bear) is just our quirky, friendly, and funny creature who is part Guard Dog, part Love Bunny. She loves to have her backend scratched and will remind you of this in case you forget!  And even though Kushi is much larger and stronger, Boo is the  Alpha Dog around here.



Splash will make you want to pick her up and taker her home (But please don’t even think about it!) She is named from the Splash-n-Dash carwash where we rescued here from imminent car danger. With advanced stage of heart worms, she was given months to live, but after intense medical treatment she’s likely to outlive us all. Her joy is contagious. Look out. You’re about to fall in love!





Bingo pretty much stays clear of the other animals except at dinnertime… He actually wanted to be an only child, but deals with the fact that he isn’t by making himself scarce unless he’s hungry!



Belle hangs around, hangs tight, and loves food, food & more food! She also has the softest fur of any cat you’ll ever pet! When we adopted this kitty it was named MO at the shelter so I thought I got a boy only to find out MO is short for Moisha. You’ll be  amazed by how soft she is.



Casanova is King Cat and one of the most unusual cats you will ever meet. He is incredibly affectionate (to the point of being romantic) and has some quirky qualities you might get to witness. He doesn’t like to get his whiskers dirty, so he will use his paw to spoon his food up to his mouth and eat from his cupped paw!