A Ritual Intensive


Our Mission:  To provide a safe space for people to connect to Source, Self, and Essential Knowledge within the arms of a loving community.

Our Vision: To unite a worldwide community of inspired people committed to ever-unfolding expansion.

Spirit on the Water is dedicated to the ceremony, ritual, and work that allow people the safe space to come home to the deepest parts of themselves and their personal mission on the planet.  Our ritual intensives are an avenue for self-exploration that makes use of the natural wisdom of the earth and the indigenous cultures.

There are Ritual Intensives at Spirit on the Water on a regular basis.  Please check with June Miller about the upcoming calendar.

See our scheduled events page for a list of  other upcoming  Retreats at Spirit on the Water.  Please contact us for any questions about your choices, options, and preferences for participation.

What other participants had to say –

“The sense of peace that you can almost touch when you enter the space was like nothing I had ever experienced. It took a while for me to settle into this new feeling and as the days passed I found that the way I was looking at the world was changing”. – Gary K. –

Spirit on the Water is the only place where I can explore and process my deepest aspects of self with the warm support of a such a warm community, in a completely private, safe, and beautifully inspiring Caribbean environment.”  – Eric W.

My experience at Spirit on the Water allowed me to get off a loop I had been on for years that I hadn’t even realized was the problem. – Deidre K.

I was so excited and nervous at the same time.  But I’m happy I let go and said yes to the whole experience.  My life will never be the same. Thank you to the team at Spirit on the Water for taking such good care of me and helping me to feel safe. – Melinda P.