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Febuary 21 -25th   A Qi Gong  Workshop

Daily Sessions   9 -11am and 4 – 6pm

Join us for daily classes of classical style Qigong with Thierry Alibert, an international expert in internal martial arts and a Taiji Quan World Champion and Anick Hausman, a trained Qi Gong and Taiji Quan teacher and the founder of Bienessence, a wellness center in the Paris area providing professional training for Qi Gong teachers. (

Qigong is a holistic path to well being. As a spiritual art, rooted in Taoism (Daoism), it deepens awareness of self and nature and creates a feeling of harmony, tranquility, and peace.


$550 full workshop (2 sessions per day Tues-Sat)

$120 per day or $65 per session

If you are a local resident and are coming for double sessions you are welcome to use the facilities on property in between sessions. There is an infinity pool, an outdoor shower and plenty of space to lounge or nap indoors and out. There is also a sandy beach, which is accessed by a hiking trail a short walk away from the house. You’re also welcome to join us for our catered meals at an additional cost.

For more information or to enroll, contact Chelsea at 508-331-3703 or by email –   For more detailed information on the course itself please contact Anick Hausman at


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