The Story

Spirit of the Water007

Sometimes a song can call a place into being.

And sometimes that song can tell the future, even when you yourself don’t know it.


EntranceTrue Story. This is what happened the night these two lovebirds were joyfully unpacking long awaited boxes from across the sea in their new cliff-side cottage. Spirit on the Water was born out of a song by Bob Dylan of the same name, and of a dance they shared that night; a celebration of our love and commitment their appreciation for a new place to call home.

What was once a home for their small family has grown into a home base for a much larger community of seekers and voyagers across the globe.  Their “empty nest” provided an opportunity to share what they had built in an entirely new way. Being very particular about the effect of energy on an environment, they invited others who were also doing personal work and making a difference in the world. As thier own relationship to this work grew, so did our desire to create a safe, beautiful space for others to enjoy the same discovery.

Spirit on the Water grew as they grew, both the physical space and the intentional community.   As walls came down, both literally and figuratively, new foundations were laid, decks were extended, ceilings were raised and pathways formed.  The end result is an open space for creative expansion that serves as an evolving environment for transformation.

Consider yourself invited to become a part of the story at Spirit on the Water.   Whether simply to rest your head on a soft pillow in a loving environment, or to dig deep into your own story so you may find your way back to the home in your heart,  June and Ed will be honored to welcome you!

Come Home. To Spirit on the Water.
















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